You must be thinking, “Ghosh, yet just another Linux Blog?” Well that’s true, I won’t lie to you but at the same time I would like to differentiate my Blog (as most people do) and would like to communicate its purpose of existence.

I started this blog with the intention that it may help other people to save their time – may be hours and hours worth of (re)searching on the Internet. Anybody who has been using Linux at some point of time does encounter some problems/issues/errors which they need to solve it. No offense to Linux users, I am a Linux fan/user too and it’s just the way Linux works. There are pros and cons of almost everything out there so does Linux.

I too, just like thousands of Linux enthusiasts, have been using Linux for over 4 years now and I too have encountered many problems while using Linux. So I thought why not try to summarize my findings/solutions and turn it into a blog and share it with Linux community so that other people can also use it. This blog will help in the following ways:

1. As mentioned before, it will help many people to resolve their issues and will save a lot of time. Remember the old saying: Time is Money.

2. Also this will help me (and may be others) to keep a log of the solution so that next time when we encounter a similar problem we won’t have to remember from our memory or flip through our notes. Just see the blog, get the answers, and you are all set.

3. Lastly, it will help me to earn some side income through some Ads and referrals.

Why do you mean by Organizing Linux Information?

I DON’T claim that all my blog entries have something new which you totally cannot find on the Internet. In fact there might be many resources over the Internet which will cover topics related with my blog entries – some may tell you exactly tell you solution and some may just confuse you with many/multiple solutions.

My blog entries talks about the solution that worked for me and my system (mostly Debian) and the specific problems that I have encountered. I have made an honest attempt to highlight all the steps in great detail. Of course, whoever reads my blogs, is expected to have a very basic knowledge of Linux like typing commands, installing packages, accessing hard drives, etc. But for most of the part, I have included all the details so that even a novice person can do it.

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