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HOWTO: Linking files from your Windows shared network drives in Wiki

Purpose: So let’s say that you have got your Linux based MediaWiki server going on your internal LAN in your office or corporate intranet. Let’s assume that your intranet is Windows server based which basically means that all the files that you access in your day-to-day work resides on Windows based server. Now one of […]

Linux Remote Desktop – Part 3: Connect to remote Linux server with XDMCP protocol

Welcome to Part 3 of Linux Remote Desktop Series. I highly recommend that you see the basic assumptions and background before you read this any further. What we will learn: So far we have learnt how to do remote desktop with “Desktop Sharing” i.e. the person who connects remotely share the same desktop screen with […]

Announcement: Linux Remote Desktop Series

Many of you who may be using Linux for a while might have been in a situation where you need to connect to your Linux Machine remotely from either a Windows XP machine or another Linux machine. I am starting a series in which I will write about different methods to do Remote Desktop with […]

Review: Mounting Windows on Linux & mounting Linux on Windows over network & locally

Purpose: In past few months I wrote several articles regarding mounting Windows partition over Linux and vice-versa.  I thought it would be helpful to readers to see a summary of all the articles. So if you are looking how to mount windows partition or a network share on Linux or how to mount Linux partition […]

Info: Verifying MD5 checksum on Windows

Purpose: This post is a follow-up of MD5SUM for ISO images post, in which we primarily learned how to generate MD5 checksums for your ISO images. In this post, we will learn about some of the available tools that you can use to verify those ISO images by running a check of their MD5 checksum […]

Tip: Windows XP/Vista does not boot from GRUB2 or GRUB-PC

Purpose: Wondering why Windows XP or (Windows Vista) on your dual-boot computer, i.e. having Windows XP and Linux installed, is not able to boot? The answer is that either there is a bug in the GRUB2 package or IDE disk naming convention has changed in GRUB2 from legacy GRUB. Are you getting following error messages […]

HOWTO: Access/Mount a Linux ext2/ext3 filesystem from a Windows XP machine over a LAN/Domain network

Purpose: This post will explain how you can mount a Linux filesystem (ext2/etx3) on your Windows XP machine over a network. Note: If you are looking for how to the reverse – Mount a windows share drive on a linux machine over a network then please refer to my previous blog entry. Also this blog […]

HOWTO: Mount a Windows Network Share on Linux using SAMBA/CIFS

Purpose: This post will explain how you can mount a Windows Network Share on to your Linux machine. Note: If you are looking for how to mount a Windows NTFS partition on your local hard drive (as read-write) on to your Linux filesystem this post may not be for you, click here. Example-Setup and Assumptions: […]

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