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Review: Installing Linux on USB – Part 8

I have so far published 7 parts in the Installing Linux on USB series. In this part I thought I will review what I have published for far in the series – Yes, a review of all the 7 parts and important notes from them. So even if you have not read the entire series […]

Installing Linux on USB – Part 5: Installing Debian Linux on USB flash memory drives

Welcome to the part 5 of “Installing Linux on USB” series. In this part we are going to learn how to install Linux on a USB Flash memory drive. Please remember that a USB flash drive is different than a USB hard drive.  Please refer to our part 1 to see the differences. Purpose: In […]

Installing Linux on USB – Part 2: Install Debian Lenny on USB Hard Drive

Welcome to the part 2 of “Installing Linux on USB“ series. Purpose: In this part we will learn how to install Debian Linux (Lenny) on a USB hard drive.  In part 1 of this series I had explained the difference between a USB hard drive and USB flash drive.  I suggest you refer to it […]

Installing Linux on USB – Part 1: Difference between USB hard drive and USB Flash (or Jump or thumb) drive

Welcome to the part 1 of “Installing Linux on USB” series. Last week I made an announcement that I am planning to write a series of article on Installing Linux on USB drives – Hard Drive and Jump Drive. Also I had created a poll (my first ever poll!) to see how much interest is […]

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