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HOWTO: Resolving more udev issues on Debian

Purpose: Last week I wrote a post about how to resolve common udev startup error messages. It looks like there is another warning/error message that keeps popping up frequently during startup which does not get resolved by using any of the previous mentioned techniques in the last post. Here is the message: .udev/ already exists […]

TIP: Resolving udev startup error messages on Debian

Problem Recently I saw some udev start-up error message on my Debian Lenny 5.0 system. Here are some of the messages that I was getting: init_udevd_socket: bind failed: Address already in use udevd[9603]: main: error initializing udevd socket If you get messages like above during your system boot probably it means that for some reasons […]

Tip: Resolving ethernet (eth) detection issues using udev in Debian Lenny

Purpose: This post is an update to one my previous posts which talks about how to resolve issues with your network/ethernet (eth) interfaces in Debian Etch. Basically the technique to resolve in Debian Lenny is almost the same as mentioned in the previous post. The only thing that changed in Debian Lenny, because of a […]

Tip: Ethernet (eth) card not activated under Linux – udev issue

Purpose: Sometimes if you are experimenting with Linux on different machines, there are chances that upon switching to a different machine your Ethernet card won’t be activated by default i.e. upon giving the command ‘ifconfig’ your Ethernet card will disappear even if your driver is loaded properly. Test Setting: Linux O.S.: Debian 4.0 Kernel: 2.6.22 […]

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