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Linux Remote Desktop – Part 5: Review and Conclusion

Welcome to Part 5 (final part) of Linux Remote Desktop Series. I highly recommend that you see the basic assumptions and background before you read this any further. Part 1: Connect remotely to GNOME session using VNC In Part 1, we saw how can we connect to a remote Linux machine from either a Windows […]

Announcement: Linux Remote Desktop Series

Many of you who may be using Linux for a while might have been in a situation where you need to connect to your Linux Machine remotely from either a Windows XP machine or another Linux machine. I am starting a series in which I will write about different methods to do Remote Desktop with […]

HOWTO: Display ‘X Windows’ programs on remote machines by forwarding ‘X’ connections through ssh

Purpose: Many times you may be in situation where you need to display/run your programs (typically ‘X Windows’ program) on  a remote machine from your host (or current) machine. Scenario: Let’s first set-up the scenario in order to better understand this example Machine 1  – is the machine on which you would like to display  […]

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