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HOWTO: Compiling packages from source on Debian Linux

Purpose: In this post we will learn how to build a Debian package (.deb) from source packages. You might be thinking why would I ever need to do that, right? Well most of the times you are right, you won’t require to build packages from source, but there will be situations sometimes when you will […]

Tip: Tell apt-get not to install “recommends” packages in Debian Linux

Purpose: If you are using Debian Lenny and are installing software packages using apt-get then you might have noticed the new version of apt-get in Lenny installs the “recommends” packages automatically thus increasing the number of packages installed on your computer. The “apt-get” in Debian Etch (4.0) did not use to install “recommends” packages.¬† In […]

Info: Counting total number of packages under Debian Linux

Purpose: To count the total number of packages in the Debian distribution. I have read on many websites that Debian has the most number of packages than any other Linux distribution out there.¬† Also as per Debian, there are 18000+ packages¬† in Debian. This got me curious and I decided to query the total number […]

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