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TIP: Serial port locked while using minicom

I general use the program minicom to use my serial ports in Debian Linux. Many program including the likes of X server, create a “temporary lock” file in some of the temporary directory in Linux like /tmp or /var/tmp/, so that there is no access violation in case if another user is trying to use […]

HOWTO: Redirecting Linux console output over Serial Port on another machine

Purpose: In this post we will learn how we can redirect Linux console boot messages to a serial port on another computer. In one of my previous post, I had explained how to test serial ports under Linux. I highly recommend that you read it first before you read this post any further. Requirements: Two […]

HOWTO: Testing Serial Ports under Debian Linux

Purpose: This blog entry explains how you can determine whether your Serial Ports on your system works or not under Debian Linux. Requirements: Two computers running Debian Linux At least one Serial Port on each of the computer A Serial Cable that runs from one computer (Computer A) to another computer (Computer B) with proper […]

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