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HOWTO: Reset your lost/forgotten root password on Debian systems

Purpose: If you have been using Linux for a while you will most certainly find a situation where you have forgotten or lost your “root” users’ password (Admin password) and you have no clue how to regain your root login prompt. As long as you have physical access to your machine (and may be your […]

HOWTO: 5 minutes to creating bootable Debian LiveCDs, USB Live, and netboot/NFS images

Purpose: Recently I came across this excellent Graphical LiveCD creation tool in Debian – “Live Magic“. Believe it or not you can create a bootable Live image that can boot from a CD-ROM, USB hard drives and even from Network (a NFS image) within few minutes. Moreover you can select a Graphical Environment option – […]

HOWTO: Generate a MD5SUM Checksum File for Linux ISO Images

Purpose: Suppose you have created your own Custom Linux LiveCD by generating an ISO image file using mkisofs command or any other command. Now you want to distribute these ISOs to people and therefore you upload them to a web site and provide a link for the download. Suppose someone downloads the ISO but how […]

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