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HOWTO: Compiling a custom Linux kernel on Debian Linux System

Purpose: There are many ways on how to compile a Linux kernel on a Linux operating system. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to compile a custom Linux kernel, the “Debian way”, on  Debian Lenny. Step 1: Install Debian system I guess I don’t need to explain this. If you are at a stage […]

Linux Remote Desktop – Part 1: Connect remotely to GNOME session using VNC

Welcome to Part 1 of Linux Remote Desktop Series. What we will learn: We will learn how to do Remote Desktop with “Desktop Sharing” method (Method 1). I highly recommend that you see the basic assumptions and background before you read this any further. Purpose: Many of you might have used Remote Desktop in Windows […]

Announcement: Linux Remote Desktop Series

Many of you who may be using Linux for a while might have been in a situation where you need to connect to your Linux Machine remotely from either a Windows XP machine or another Linux machine. I am starting a series in which I will write about different methods to do Remote Desktop with […]

Review: Mounting Windows on Linux & mounting Linux on Windows over network & locally

Purpose: In past few months I wrote several articles regarding mounting Windows partition over Linux and vice-versa.  I thought it would be helpful to readers to see a summary of all the articles. So if you are looking how to mount windows partition or a network share on Linux or how to mount Linux partition […]

Tip: Mounting LaCie Ethernet Disk on Debian Linux

Recently, I bought a LaCie Ethernet Disk of 1 TB capacity for storing personal files and folders containing music, movies, photos, etc. Accessing the disk on Windows machine was easy and the manual had detailed information on how to use it on a Windows machine. However, I needed to mount it on my Debian Linux. […]

Tip: Debian Lenny locales (perl) warning messages

Purpose: Lot of time when you upgrade/downgrade Debian OS, you might end up getting some locale warnings (or error) messages on your system whenever you give any commands like “man cp”, “apt-get upgrade”, etc.  Many people try tirelessly to get rid of those messages but they can’t seem to even after trying many solutions found […]

Installing Linux on USB – Part 6: Create a DOS and Linux bootable USB flash drive

Welcome to the part 6 of “Installing Linux on USB” series. In this part we will learn how to create a USB flash drive which can boot into Linux and DOS both using GRUB. Purpose: In this post we will try to create a handy USB flash drive which has MS-DOS partition and a Linux […]

Installing Linux on USB – Part 2: Install Debian Lenny on USB Hard Drive

Welcome to the part 2 of “Installing Linux on USB“ series. Purpose: In this part we will learn how to install Debian Linux (Lenny) on a USB hard drive.  In part 1 of this series I had explained the difference between a USB hard drive and USB flash drive.  I suggest you refer to it […]

Installing Linux on USB – Part 1: Difference between USB hard drive and USB Flash (or Jump or thumb) drive

Welcome to the part 1 of “Installing Linux on USB” series. Last week I made an announcement that I am planning to write a series of article on Installing Linux on USB drives – Hard Drive and Jump Drive. Also I had created a poll (my first ever poll!) to see how much interest is […]

Tip: Check which version or flavor of Linux a system is running

Purpose: This will be quick one unlike most of the other post on this blog. In this entry we will see how we can check which version of Linux (or Unix) a particular system is running. For example, suppose I am logged into a system’s console that I know is running Linux, but how do I know which version of Linux (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo) the system is

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