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HOWTO: Create and submit your first Linux kernel patch using GIT

After working with Linux (mostly as an advanced user) for years, I decided to post my first Linux kernel patch (although trivial but hey you need to start somewhere!) and I was thrilled when it first got accepted by the Subsystem maintainer and then ultimately it trickled into mainline kernel. What follows is a step-by-step […]

TIP: Getting rid of permission error when compiling kernel from GIT source

Problem So recently I was in a situation where I had to use the git-bisect tool to find a bug that was causing my system to hang during early boot. One of the first step to do that is to get kernel git tree on your system where you will compile kernels. So I did […]

HOWTO: Compiling a custom Linux kernel on Debian Linux System

Purpose: There are many ways on how to compile a Linux kernel on a Linux operating system. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to compile a custom Linux kernel, the “Debian way”, on  Debian Lenny. Step 1: Install Debian system I guess I don’t need to explain this. If you are at a stage […]

HOWTO: Blacklisting kernel module from auto loading in Debian

Purpose: In this post we will how to prevent a kernel module (a.k.a blacklist) from auto loading during Debian Linux start up. You probably are thinking that you already know this (and you might), however there has been some change in recent kernels and you need to use a different method to blacklist a module […]

TIP: Preparing your Linux kernel sources for out-of-tree kernel module compilation

Purpose: Many times you will be in a situation where you need to compile out-of-tree kernel modules, meaning that the kernel you are currently running does not have the required module in it (say squashfs, ndiswrapper, etc). In such a situation, one typically needs to download sources from somewhere else and then compile them against […]

TIP: Find out Linux kernel drivers/modules being used by hardware devices on your system

Most of the advanced Linux users like to custom compile their own kernels so that they can remove all the fat (non-essential stuff) that by default is compiled or built as modules into the stock kernel from Linux distribution vendor. For example, if you install Debian Lenny (5.0) which comes with 2.6.26 kernel, you will […]

HOWTO: Enable 3D Acceleration in Debian Lenny

Purpose: In this entry we will see how can we enable 3D acceleration for your graphics card/chipset in Debian Lenny (5.0). Sometime back I had written a similar post explaining how to enable 3D acceleration in Debian Etch (4.0).  In this one we will see how to do the same for Debian Lenny – the […]

HOWTO: Enabling 3D Acceleration in Debian Etch Linux

Purpose: This blog entry will explain: 1. How to enable 3D acceleration under Debian Linux and may be perhaps under any other Linux distribution. 2. How to test if 3D acceleration is actually working or not. Step 1: Find out if 3D acceleration is already enabled or not? Give the following command: # glxinfo | […]

HOWTO: Create a Patch for Linux Kernel customizations

Purpose: If you have been using Linux for over two to three years than chances are that you may have been in a situation where you need to modify your Kernel’s Makeconfig or Kconfig files or adding a new device driver for your hardware from your hardware vendor which is not yet into the mainstream […]

ACPI and APIC Issues – Part 1: VFS: Kernel Panic Error

Problem I guess most of us who have been an ardent user of Linux O.S. must have seen dreaded “Kernel Panic” error messages at some point of time and generally those are very difficult to solve and takes away lot of time researching on it.There are many reasons for Kernel Panic error messages and one […]

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