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How small can you make your Linux system – Part 1

Purpose: In this series we will learn how to reduce the size of a Linux installation particularly Debian. We will try to get rid of unnecessary and “not so” important stuff from your system – Believe it or not there is lot of stuff that you can simply remove without harming your system. Why do […]

TIP: Inspecting Linux Installation process – Behind the scenes

Let’s say you are installing Debian Linux from a regular ISO Image CD. You see various menus like these. Now some time while installing you would like to know what is going behind the scenes i.e. you want to see the log of the entire process that is going on when you install Linux.  You […]

HOWTO: Setup a MediaWiki server on Debian Linux Lenny

Purpose: In this post we will learn how to setup a mediawiki Wiki server on Debian Lenny. There are lots of Wiki choices available from which you can choose one. I will explain specifically how to setup a MediaWiki server. MediaWiki is exactly the same Wiki engine that is use to power the famous Wikipedia […]

Installing Linux on USB – Part 5: Installing Debian Linux on USB flash memory drives

Welcome to the part 5 of “Installing Linux on USB” series. In this part we are going to learn how to install Linux on a USB Flash memory drive. Please remember that a USB flash drive is different than a USB hard drive.  Please refer to our part 1 to see the differences. Purpose: In […]

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