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INFO: GRUB2 – 101 Class

Purpose: Since the next generation of GRUB, GRUB2, is slowly trickling down to all major Linux distribution, I thought about writing a basic post regarding GRUB2, which discusses some of the fundamental change in GRUB2. Also the documentation on GRUB2 is not very extensive at this point of time. I am assuming that you have […]

Tip: Windows XP/Vista does not boot from GRUB2 or GRUB-PC

Purpose: Wondering why Windows XP or (Windows Vista) on your dual-boot computer, i.e. having Windows XP and Linux installed, is not able to boot? The answer is that either there is a bug in the GRUB2 package or IDE disk naming convention has changed in GRUB2 from legacy GRUB. Are you getting following error messages […]

HOWTO: Splash Images with GRUB2 and GRUB-PC on Debian Linux

Purpose: This post is a follow-up of my previous post which had explained how to install GRUB splash images with “grub” package (legacy one). Couple of people requested to show how to do this with the new version of GRUB i.e. GRUB2 or GRUB-PC. So in this article we will learn how to install GRUB […]

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