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Review: Mounting Windows on Linux & mounting Linux on Windows over network & locally

Purpose: In past few months I wrote several articles regarding mounting Windows partition over Linux and vice-versa.  I thought it would be helpful to readers to see a summary of all the articles. So if you are looking how to mount windows partition or a network share on Linux or how to mount Linux partition […]

Review: Installing Linux on USB – Part 8

I have so far published 7 parts in the Installing Linux on USB series. In this part I thought I will review what I have published for far in the series – Yes, a review of all the 7 parts and important notes from them. So even if you have not read the entire series […]

Installing Linux on USB – Part 5: Installing Debian Linux on USB flash memory drives

Welcome to the part 5 of “Installing Linux on USB” series. In this part we are going to learn how to install Linux on a USB Flash memory drive. Please remember that a USB flash drive is different than a USB hard drive.  Please refer to our part 1 to see the differences. Purpose: In […]

Installing Linux on USB – Part 3: Which Linux filesystem for USB devices?

Welcome to the part 3 of “Installing Linux on USB” series.  In this part we will discuss which filesystem is best for USB devices. As mentioned in Part 1, there are two types of USB devices (broadly speaking): 1. USB hard drives 2. USB flash drives Now USB hard drives are just like our regular […]

HOWTO: Accessing your local Linux ext2/ext3 partitions from Windows XP

Purpose: Have you ever felt the pain of rebooting your dual-boot computer, having Linux and Windows XP install, back and forth to access/edit your data on your Linux partition? Yes, many of us have and it’s quite tedious. Accessing Windows partition from Linux is old school but there are very few utilities which would let […]

HOWTO: Access/Mount a Linux ext2/ext3 filesystem from a Windows XP machine over a LAN/Domain network

Purpose: This post will explain how you can mount a Linux filesystem (ext2/etx3) on your Windows XP machine over a network. Note: If you are looking for how to the reverse – Mount a windows share drive on a linux machine over a network then please refer to my previous blog entry. Also this blog […]

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