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HOWTO: Mounting NFS filesystems and directories in Linux over network

Purpose: In this tutorial we will learn how to use a NFS mounted filesystem or rather learn how to mount a NFS filesystem and use it on a client computer. You must have heard a lot of embedded developers talking about NFS mount filesystems and all that. You might have go intimidated by that but […]

TIP: Debian Linux Kernel Firmware issues – Ethernet drivers missing

There was a very long discussion on Debian Developer’s mailing list, right before Lenny came out, regarding the proprietary (source code not available) firmware that ships inside the Linux kernel. After a long painful discussion it was decided that Debian will remove all such firmware from the stock Debian kernel. As a result of this […]

Tip: Resolving ethernet (eth) detection issues using udev in Debian Lenny

Purpose: This post is an update to one my previous posts which talks about how to resolve issues with your network/ethernet (eth) interfaces in Debian Etch. Basically the technique to resolve in Debian Lenny is almost the same as mentioned in the previous post. The only thing that changed in Debian Lenny, because of a […]

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