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TIP: Fixing sendmail configuration error

Problem I usually use the sendmail program to send out emails from my Debian system. Recently I tried to do some changes to my /etc/mail/ file and after making the changes I had to generate the /etc/mail/ file by using any one of the following commands: make   (or make -C /etc/mail) or sendmailconfig or m4 […]

HOWTO: Detecting serial port buffer overrun errors in Linux

Purpose: A common question that many people have who have been playing with serial ports under Linux is to detect serial overrun errors while debugging/testing their serial ports. Unfortunately, there is no utility that I know off which lets you measure the overrun error in real time. However this ability is in-built into the Linux […]

HOWTO: Resolving XOrg’s X server startup error messages in Debian

Purpose: The idea of this post is to resolve XOrg’s X server startup error messages. Sometime back I had written a post which explained to get your X server to start successfully. However, in this post we are going to specifically focus on the error messages that X server throws out in the log file […]

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