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HOWTO: Resolving more udev issues on Debian

Purpose: Last week I wrote a post about how to resolve common udev startup error messages. It looks like there is another warning/error message that keeps popping up frequently during startup which does not get resolved by using any of the previous mentioned techniques in the last post. Here is the message: .udev/ already exists […]

TIP: Resolving udev startup error messages on Debian

Problem Recently I saw some udev start-up error message on my Debian Lenny 5.0 system. Here are some of the messages that I was getting: init_udevd_socket: bind failed: Address already in use udevd[9603]: main: error initializing udevd socket If you get messages like above during your system boot probably it means that for some reasons […]

Tip: Debian Lenny locales (perl) warning messages

Purpose: Lot of time when you upgrade/downgrade Debian OS, you might end up getting some locale warnings (or error) messages on your system whenever you give any commands like “man cp”, “apt-get upgrade”, etc.  Many people try tirelessly to get rid of those messages but they can’t seem to even after trying many solutions found […]

Tip: Windows XP/Vista does not boot from GRUB2 or GRUB-PC

Purpose: Wondering why Windows XP or (Windows Vista) on your dual-boot computer, i.e. having Windows XP and Linux installed, is not able to boot? The answer is that either there is a bug in the GRUB2 package or IDE disk naming convention has changed in GRUB2 from legacy GRUB. Are you getting following error messages […]

HOWTO: Install Splashy on Debian Stable (Etch)

I know there are many people who do not like the slow development process of the Debian Linux Operating System (O.S) just like me. People who use stable distribution of Debian miss on lots of new feature-rich packages as compared to users of other Linux O.S. The reason why people still stick to the stable […]

Tip: Splashy Installation and boot issues in Debian Linux

Purpose: I have been a fan of Debian Linux operating system since last 3 years. The purpose of this post is to continuously list issues that I was able to resolve either by asking the Open Source community or by researching on the Internet or just by playing around with the problem. I hope that […]

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