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Discussion: What processor type (family) to select for Intel Atom in Linux kernel config

So I am excited to start a new type of post, “Discussion” besides the regular INFO, HOWTO, TIP, etc. The purpose of such type of post is to generate a discussion regarding certain issues for which there is a no clear answers in the Linux community. In my past 4 years of Linux usage, I […]

TIP: Compile your programs fasters with multiple processor machines

If you have a dual core or a multiple processor machine then you can compile your programs much faster than on a single processor machine. I will show how you can compile your a Linux kernel on your Debian machine twice as fast by setting the concurrency level. For example, in one of my previous […]

TIP: How to tell whether your system is 32-bit or 64-bit in Linux?

Purpose: Suppose you are given a system with no labels, stickers, product information. All you know that it is a Pentium class computer and you would like to know whether the given CPU/system  (and not OS) is 32-bit or 64-bit capable? There are many different ways to find out without looking into BIOS and without […]

Tip: Check which version or flavor of Linux a system is running

Purpose: This will be quick one unlike most of the other post on this blog. In this entry we will see how we can check which version of Linux (or Unix) a particular system is running. For example, suppose I am logged into a system’s console that I know is running Linux, but how do I know which version of Linux (Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo) the system is

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