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HOWTO: Enabling Kernel Mode Setting (KMS) in Debian Linux kernel

Purpose: So some of you must have heard about a new feature that got introduced since 2.6.29 Linux kernel known as Kernel Mode Setting (KMS).I will not go into the details about the benefits of KMS in this post but rather I will show you how to enable KMS on your Debian system. However I […]

HOWTO: Enable 3D Acceleration in Debian Lenny

Purpose: In this entry we will see how can we enable 3D acceleration for your graphics card/chipset in Debian Lenny (5.0). Sometime back I had written a similar post explaining how to enable 3D acceleration in Debian Etch (4.0).  In this one we will see how to do the same for Debian Lenny – the […]

HOWTO: Enabling 3D Acceleration in Debian Etch Linux

Purpose: This blog entry will explain: 1. How to enable 3D acceleration under Debian Linux and may be perhaps under any other Linux distribution. 2. How to test if 3D acceleration is actually working or not. Step 1: Find out if 3D acceleration is already enabled or not? Give the following command: # glxinfo | […]

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