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A comprehensive command guide to Debian’s APT-GET and DPKG

Purpose: Debian has a very powerful package management system called APT. Learning some useful commands can really unleash the true power and usefulness of this package management system. From time to time I will add commands and other tips and tricks that will be helpful to solve some issues and get work done faster. The […]

Tip: How to keep a Debian package on hold

Recently I ended up in a situation where I had to use an old version of watchdog package from Etch (4.0) on Debian Lenny (5.0) because of a bug in Lenny’s version. First you need to uninstall the current version  (5.4-10) of  watchdog package: apt-get purge watchdog Download the watchdog package from Etch and install […]

HOWTO: Switching from APT-GET to APTITUDE

Purpose: This blog entry will show you the steps involved to switch from Debian’s classic ‘apt-get’ tool to ‘aptitude’. This blog assumes that you are familiar with ‘apt-get‘ tool on Debian systems. Somewhere along Debian Etch release, Debian Developer recommended to start using aptitude instead of apt-get. We won’t go into the details of the […]

Tip: Tell apt-get not to install “recommends” packages in Debian Linux

Purpose: If you are using Debian Lenny and are installing software packages using apt-get then you might have noticed the new version of apt-get in Lenny installs the “recommends” packages automatically thus increasing the number of packages installed on your computer. The “apt-get” in Debian Etch (4.0) did not use to install “recommends” packages.  In […]

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