This is mostly for my own record keeping. You are more than welcome to look over the bugs that I have filed so far with Debian. I read somewhere on Debian’s website that is also a way you can contribute/help to Debian community. You can see all the bugs filed by me to Debian here.

1. bootcd

2. xserver-xorg-video-intel

3. ksplice

4. axel-kapt

5. jigdo

6. gnome-power-manager

7. debian-installer


9. linux-source-2.6.28

10. libesd-alsa0

11. watchdog

12. lm-sensors

13. xmms2

14. ACPI S3 memory corruption

16. Intel GMA 500 Poulsbo Chipset Xorg Driver

17. Intel Poulsbo IDE driver (CONFIG_PATA_SCH)

18. bootcd (again)

Reference Links:

Debian Bug Control and Manipulation

Debian Bug System Requests

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