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HOWTO: Adding items in LXDE menu

Purpose: In our previous posts, we have seen the following: How to auto-launch a script/program on LXDE start-up How to place programs on LXDE Desktop In this post, we will see how to add our own program in LXDE menu. As mentioned in previous posts, we will be playing around with *.desktop file to achieve […]

HOWTO: Place programs on LXDE Desktop

Purpose: In our last post on LXDE, we saw how to auto-start a script/program in LXDE as soon as the user logs in. Now in this post, we will learn how to place our own custom programs on LXDE desktop. You must have noticed that you simply cannot drag-and-drop programs on LXDE desktop. As mentioned […]

HOWTO: Auto launch programs/scripts on LXDE startup

Purpose: Recently I started using LXDE and I really liked it. It is extremely light weight and it loads super fast and at the same time it is feature rich also compare to other similar desktop managers like Fluxbox. Once I installed LXDE, I wanted to auto launch a shell script as soon as I […]

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