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Learn GIT series – Part 2: Install GITWEB to host repository on Apache web-server

Welcome to Part 2 of “Learn GIT series”. Purpose: So in our last part we saw how to install GIT on Debian and how to create a new repository and make commits on it. In this part we will see how you can make your repositories public (read-only) so that people can see what you […]

Announcement: Learn GIT Series

Finally I have decided to venture into learning GIT – an open source distributed source code management software which is gaining in popularity for quite some  time. Of course one of the most highlights of this tool is that it is written by Linus Torvalds – the person behind writing and developing Linux kernel itself! […]

Learn GIT series – Part 1: Installing GIT on Debian

Welcome to the Part 1 of “Learn GIT series”. Purpose: If you are a power Linux user then chances are that you must have heard about GIT – the distributed source code management software written by Linus Torvalds himself to ease Linux kernel development. However, GIT has become so popular these days that many big […]

HOWTO: Installing “git” on bluehost domain hosted websites

Purpose: My website which in turns has this blog site that you are reading is being hosted by Bluehost web hosting company. Last week I decided to install the popular source code revision control program called Git on my Bluehost account i.e. on In this blog post we will see how can we […]

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