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Discussion: Difference between debootstrap and cdebootstrap

I wanted to write about this topic since last year but never got around it. What I find surprising is that things have not changed much even as off today with regards to this issue. Last year, I wrote a blog article on bootstrapping your system using debootstrap. Later on, I wrote¬† another article which […]

HOWTO: Execute a command automatically upon GDM/GNOME login

Purpose: Let’s say you want to execute a command or a script automatically every time you log into your GDM/GNOME environment. How do you do that? There is no intuitive way currently to do that. So let’s get started… Assumption I am assuming that you have already installed GDM and GNOME on your system. # […]

HOWTO: Fix Linux hang/freeze during reboots and restarts

Purpose: There are some machines on which Linux will freeze, after a restart or a shutdown command is issued, right at the very end of the process forcing you to do a hard reset – press the reset/power button the system or plug the cord which is not good.In this post we will see how […]

HOWTO: How to erase, un-install GRUB from MBR to restore Windows/DOS bootloader

Purpose: Dual-boot setup in which you have Windows and Linux installed on the same hard drive (on different partitions) is a very common technique. Many people decide to un-install Linux and that’s when they get into trouble. They can’t seem to get rid off GRUB from the MBR and whenever they try to boot from […]

HOWTO: Bootstrapping Debian Linux System using debootstrap and chroot

Purpose: In this post we will learn how you can “bootstrap” a Debian Linux system. “Bootstrap” simply means boot a system. Suppose you are doing a lot of trial-and-error with your Linux system and you are worried that you might harm your system while experimenting by deleting some important configuration files or by mis-editing something. […]

HOWTO: Autologin as root or as any other user in Linux in console mode

Purpose: In one of my previous articles we saw how to autologin as “root” or as any other user when you are using a Graphical Environment like GNOME, KDE, LXDE, Xfce. In that we saw we can bypass the GDM, KDM and XDM login screens. However what to do if you are not using any […]

HOWTO: Autologin into your Linux system without XDM, GDM, KDM, etc

Purpose: Are you in a need of a Linux system which can autologin into your Desktop environment in case of a power-failure or an unexpected restart? If yes, then this post is for you! Since quite some time I have been looking for a solution like this and I think I have found one finally. […]

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