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Initramfs and Initrd Series: Part 1 – Decompress and compress initramfs images

Purpose: We will learn how to decompress and then re-compress an initramfs image from your Debian or Ubuntu systems. I find the whole initramfs and initrd topic to be one of the most fascinating one in Linux. I always wanted to write a series of post on these topics and I think this might be […]

HOWTO: Compiling Intel Atom Poulsbo GMA 500 graphics driver on Debian

Purpose: Finally here is a step-by-step guide to get the Intel Poulsbo (PSB) GMA 500 graphics driver working under Debian testing/unstable. Over the last 3 months or so since I wrote an introductory post regarding this whole issue, I have got several emails and comments with a request to put up such a guide. Sorry […]

HOWTO: Blacklisting kernel module from auto loading in Debian

Purpose: In this post we will how to prevent a kernel module (a.k.a blacklist) from auto loading during Debian Linux start up. You probably are thinking that you already know this (and you might), however there has been some change in recent kernels and you need to use a different method to blacklist a module […]

INFO: Debian’s new two-year release schedule policy – a very good move!

Finally, Debian folks have decided to come up with a time-based release policy than their current “whenever it is ready” policy. This is a very good step that the Debian project has taken and it will give a huge sigh of relief to users and corporation who are devoted fans of Debian – no more […]

TIP: Preparing your Linux kernel sources for out-of-tree kernel module compilation

Purpose: Many times you will be in a situation where you need to compile out-of-tree kernel modules, meaning that the kernel you are currently running does not have the required module in it (say squashfs, ndiswrapper, etc). In such a situation, one typically needs to download sources from somewhere else and then compile them against […]

Blog posts for the remaining month of June

For those of you who read this blog regularly, might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything since last week. Right now I am out of town and have some social commitments. I will resume by blogging in the month of July. Thank you for being there!

TIP: 10 most useful Linux commands to resolve common Linux problems

Purpose: When you start using Linux everyday, from time to time you might encounter certain problems that can be easily fixed with the help of simple commands. In this blog post, I am going to highlight 10 important commands which might help you to fix or troubleshoot certain problems. Although I am using Debian as […]

HOWTO: Cross-compiling a 32-bit (i386) Linux kernel on 64-bit Machine (amd64)

Purpose: These days 64-bit hardware and Operating System are getting more and more common and affordable. Now if you are use to compile a custom Linux kernel on a regular Intel architecture 32-bit machine (i386) for a 32-bit machine itself then there were no issues. But now when you are trying to compile a custom […]

TIP: Find out Linux kernel drivers/modules being used by hardware devices on your system

Most of the advanced Linux users like to custom compile their own kernels so that they can remove all the fat (non-essential stuff) that by default is compiled or built as modules into the stock kernel from Linux distribution vendor. For example, if you install Debian Lenny (5.0) which comes with 2.6.26 kernel, you will […]

HOWTO: A comprehensive Audio/Sound guide to GNOME sounds, ALSA and esound

Purpose: For those of you who have used audio/sound in your Debian/Ubuntu desktop environment you might have encountered certain issues while trying to enable GNOME sound events and media player output together.  You might have noticed that many times you can either play sounds from GNOME events (like clicking, start, shutdown, errors) or you can […]

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