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TIP: Getting rid of initramfs trying to update a non-exsiting initrd file

Problem: If you have been playing around with your Debian system for a long time i.e. installing, purging, un-installing and re-installing them again you might end up in a situation where anytime you run a program, for example splashy, which triggers the initramfs-tools you might end up with the following message: Processing triggers for initramfs-tools […]

Initramfs and Initrd Series: Part 2 – What is initrd and similarities with initramfs

Welcome to part 2 of Initramfs and Initrd series. In Part 1 of this series we saw what is initramfs and how to compress and de-compress it. In this part we will see what is an initrd and some of the similarities between initramfs and initrd. So as mentioned in first part, initramfs replaced the […]

Initramfs and Initrd Series: Part 1 – Decompress and compress initramfs images

Purpose: We will learn how to decompress and then re-compress an initramfs image from your Debian or Ubuntu systems. I find the whole initramfs and initrd topic to be one of the most fascinating one in Linux. I always wanted to write a series of post on these topics and I think this might be […]

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