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HOWTO: Configuring Wireless (WiFi) network card in Debian Linux

Purpose: WiFi capability is getting common these days and slowly and steadily it is becoming a necessity to have a working WiFi computer. For many people it is rather intimidating when it comes to configuring wireless network in Linux systems. In this post we will learn how to configure a wireless network using graphical tools […]

INFO: 10 useful hardware information display utilities in Debian Linux

Purpose: Suppose you get a new computer or a machine without much documentation and you would like to know as much as possible regarding the hardware that is there on the system like CPU, Memory, North Bridge, South Bridge, PCI devices, USB devices, Super I/O, BIOS, etc. There are some very good utilities in Linux […]

HOWTO: Running 32-bit X Windows application on 64-bit system using bind mount in Linux

Purpose: We have already seen how to create a debootstrap system and we also learned how to compile a 32-bit application (like Linux kernel) from within the debootstrap system in Debian Linux. However, what we have learnt so far does not allow us to run graphics (X Window) applications from within the debootstrap system i.e. […]

HOWTO: Cross-compiling a 32-bit (i386) Linux kernel on 64-bit Machine (amd64)

Purpose: These days 64-bit hardware and Operating System are getting more and more common and affordable. Now if you are use to compile a custom Linux kernel on a regular Intel architecture 32-bit machine (i386) for a 32-bit machine itself then there were no issues. But now when you are trying to compile a custom […]

HOWTO: Configuring and Transferring music to iPOD on Debian Linux

Purpose: In this post we will learn how to configure and transfer music to your Apple iPOD from Debian Linux. I am not a very big fan of music players in general but one of my friend gave it to me and I thought I would try to use it under Linux and see how […]

TIP: Find out Linux kernel drivers/modules being used by hardware devices on your system

Most of the advanced Linux users like to custom compile their own kernels so that they can remove all the fat (non-essential stuff) that by default is compiled or built as modules into the stock kernel from Linux distribution vendor. For example, if you install Debian Lenny (5.0) which comes with 2.6.26 kernel, you will […]

TIP: Debian Linux Kernel Firmware issues – Ethernet drivers missing

There was a very long discussion on Debian Developer’s mailing list, right before Lenny came out, regarding the proprietary (source code not available) firmware that ships inside the Linux kernel. After a long painful discussion it was decided that Debian will remove all such firmware from the stock Debian kernel. As a result of this […]

TIP: Compile your programs fasters with multiple processor machines

If you have a dual core or a multiple processor machine then you can compile your programs much faster than on a single processor machine. I will show how you can compile your a Linux kernel on your Debian machine twice as fast by setting the concurrency level. For example, in one of my previous […]

HOWTO: Install and configure a Network/LAN printer in Debian

Purpose: In this post we will learn how to install and configure a printer that is attached to your home or office network on your Debian machine. Basically by the end of this post, you should be able to print from your Debian machine to any of those network printers. We will learn how to […]

HOWTO: Redirecting Linux console output over Serial Port on another machine

Purpose: In this post we will learn how we can redirect Linux console boot messages to a serial port on another computer. In one of my previous post, I had explained how to test serial ports under Linux. I highly recommend that you read it first before you read this post any further. Requirements: Two […]

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