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TIP: Serial port locked while using minicom

I general use the program minicom to use my serial ports in Debian Linux. Many program including the likes of X server, create a “temporary lock” file in some of the temporary directory in Linux like /tmp or /var/tmp/, so that there is no access violation in case if another user is trying to use […]

TIP: GDM Server authentication error message

Today while was I transferring one of my Debian partitions to another hard drive using “tar” command, I happened to get the following message when I tried to boot from the hard drive on which I moved my partition. Server authorization directory (daemon/ServAuthDir) is set to /var/lib/gdm but does not exist. Please correct GDM configuration […]

TIP: Resolving grub-probe warning message on libata transition

I have been using my hard drive since last 2 years for various trial and error purpose (don’t we all love that!). I keep shifting my hard drive to different types of machines belonging to different architectures. One fine day I suddenly started noticing the following message (in red) whenever I use to upgrade/install/un-install a […]

TIP: Resolving udev startup error messages on Debian

Problem Recently I saw some udev start-up error message on my Debian Lenny 5.0 system. Here are some of the messages that I was getting: init_udevd_socket: bind failed: Address already in use udevd[9603]: main: error initializing udevd socket If you get messages like above during your system boot probably it means that for some reasons […]

TIP: Disable automatic polling of CD/DVD-ROM drives to save power

Here is a very simple tip that will allow you to save some power and hence extend your battery life (on laptops and netbooks) on your Linux system. Typically in a Linux graphical environment like GNOME or KDE, whenever we insert a CD or DVD into your CD/DVD-ROM drives, a window pops open automatically showing […]

TIP: Disable GDM, KDM or XDM from starting up automatically

Here is a quick tip to disable your login manager like GDM, KDM or XDM from starting up automatically upon system boot. Many times you need to boot your Linux system just to a console based mode and ideally you would like to start the X server (Graphics/Login manager) only when you need it. Disable […]

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