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TIP: Getting rid of permission error when compiling kernel from GIT source

Problem So recently I was in a situation where I had to use the git-bisect tool to find a bug that was causing my system to hang during early boot. One of the first step to do that is to get kernel git tree on your system where you will compile kernels. So I did […]

TIP: Compiling 2.6.33 and above kernels on Debian Lenny

So let’s say you want to install a Linux kernel 2.6.33 or newer on your Debian Lenny system. Problem The problem is that after you give your usual make-kpkg command to compile Linux kernel on Debian Lenny you will see the following error message after sometime into the compilation process: COLUMNS=150 dpkg -l ‘gcc*’ perl […]

TIP: Getting rid of common errors in chroot mode

In lot of my previous posts, I have mentioned using “chroot” to do different things. However, while you are in chroot, depending upon your actions, you might get see some error messages which are usually non-fatal and will let you do whatever you are trying to do (in general). Although in general it is a […]

TIP: Fixing sendmail configuration error

Problem I usually use the sendmail program to send out emails from my Debian system. Recently I tried to do some changes to my /etc/mail/ file and after making the changes I had to generate the /etc/mail/ file by using any one of the following commands: make   (or make -C /etc/mail) or sendmailconfig or m4 […]

TIP: Where to find global php.ini file in Debian

So let’s say you get the following error message on your Debian system while browsing a LAMP application like MediaWiki: Allowed memory size of 147281674 bytes exhausted in <some-file>.php on line 57 Then you start to search on the Internet with the above error message and you find advices like: memory_limit = 32M to your […]

TIP: Getting rid of initramfs trying to update a non-exsiting initrd file

Problem: If you have been playing around with your Debian system for a long time i.e. installing, purging, un-installing and re-installing them again you might end up in a situation where anytime you run a program, for example splashy, which triggers the initramfs-tools you might end up with the following message: Processing triggers for initramfs-tools […]

TIP: 10 useful CD/DVD writing programs/software in Debian Linux

Purpose: In this post we will see some CDs/DVDs burning (or writing) software that are available in Debian Lenny. For a long time I have been dreading to burn CDs in Linux (don’t know why) and I always use to end up burning in Windows. Finally I decided to learn burning CDs/DVDs and here are […]

TIP: Resolving AWstats permission denied error by www-data cron job

So if you have installed AWstats, a web-statistic program, on your machine you would have noticed that the cron job that it sets by default does not work. Meaning that the statistics on your AWstats web page does not get updated. If you do a search on Internet, you will find that lot of Ubuntu […]

TIP: Resolve DPKG’s “extended_states” error message during upgrade

While doing an upgrade on your Debian or Ubuntu system, if you ever encounter the following error message: E: Unable to parse package file /var/lib/apt/extended_states (1) all you need to do is to rename that file to something else. For example: # cd /var/lib/apt/ # mv extended_states extended_states.tmp Now you can continue whatever you were […]

TIP: Remove left over package configuration files from Debian

So you would think that just removing a package from your Debian system would remove all the configuration files and other related files associated with that package, right? But that is not the case. There is a difference between “purging” and “removing” in Debian. As far as I understand, removing a package by the following […]

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