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Info: Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 (Squeeze) Release Information

Looks like Debian 6.0 a.k.a Squeeze is to be released over this weekend as per the email sent by Alexander Reichle-Schmehl on the debian-news mailing list. Debian “Squeeze” will supersede Debian 5.0 “Lenny” which was released back on Feb. 14th 2009. I plan to write several posts regarding changes in Debian Squeeze and also documenting […]

Info: Change in blog title and tagline

With the whole consolidation that has been going with this blog, I think it is an appropriate time to change the title and tag line also for the blog. New Title: Debian Ubuntu Linux Solutions Blog New TagLine: Simple Solution That Works! The new title of the blog matches more with the content and the […]

Info: Embedded Systems Conference Boston 2010

Recently I was invited to speak at the ESC Boston 2010 show! This was my first time at an ESC (Embedded Systems Conference) show and also my first time presenting a paper to the conference. There were lot of great seminars on Linux in particularly one on Android (the Google mobile OS), debugging Linux kernel […]

INFO: GRUB2 – 101 Class

Purpose: Since the next generation of GRUB, GRUB2, is slowly trickling down to all major Linux distribution, I thought about writing a basic post regarding GRUB2, which discusses some of the fundamental change in GRUB2. Also the documentation on GRUB2 is not very extensive at this point of time. I am assuming that you have […]

INFO: Linux Real time white papers at RTLWS 2009 at Dresden, Germany

Last year, I wrote two white papers for the company that I am currently working at. The first one was a very basic paper on real-time concepts and real-time in Linux. The second one was actually based on benchmarking a Debian kernel against a real-time Debian kernel on AMD’s Geode platforms – a low power, […]

INFO: Debian’s new two-year release schedule policy – a very good move!

Finally, Debian folks have decided to come up with a time-based release policy than their current “whenever it is ready” policy. This is a very good step that the Debian project has taken and it will give a huge sigh of relief to users and corporation who are devoted fans of Debian – no more […]

INFO: State of Intel Poulsbo chipset’s GMA 500 graphics driver

Purpose: The primary purpose of this blog post is to introduce Linux graphics driver state for Intel’s Poulsbo (a.k.a US 15W) chipset, specifically for the GMA 500 graphics chip. In this blog post, we will see lot of resources where you can go and look for information regarding the driver status for your distribution (like […]

INFO: Embedded Linux Conference

Last week I got a chance to attend the three day Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) 2009 held in San Francisco. It was quite a unique experience for me at least since I had never attended any such conference before. I got to see founder of Debian Linux distribution, Ian Murdock. Here is the best part […]

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