Recently I was invited to speak at the ESC Boston 2010 show! This was my first time at an ESC (Embedded Systems Conference) show and also my first time presenting a paper to the conference. There were lot of great seminars on Linux in particularly one on Android (the Google mobile OS), debugging Linux kernel module using JTAG, Profiling Linux systems, etc. The Android one was the most popular one and it was presented by Bill Gatliff who happens to be a Linux kernel hacker too.

The event was not specific to Windows or Linux and it covered all aspects of an embedded system right from hardware design to applications running on embedded systems.  Other interesting topics were Virtualization, Mutil-core systems, Power Management, etc.

I presented a talk at the show on the new version of Windows Embedded known as Windows Embedded Standard 7 based on a white paper that I wrote with the title “Implications of Migrating to Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) in Embedded Applications”.

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