Intel’s low-power chip, ATOM, has really caught a lot of attention in almost all kinds of market and has become really popular. There are several vendors who are shipping netbooks, nettops, etc based on Intel Atom processor. Some of you must have heard about Moblin – Intel answer to create a mobile Operating System based on Linux for Atom processors.

I decided to give a shot to the ready-made images released by Moblin, which can you can simply byte-copy on a USB drive (> 1 GB) and boot from it on any Atom based boards. Moblin first released their image called as ubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386.img which did not work at all. No matter if you copy using Windows or Linux method, the USB drive simply won’t boot and upon close inspection it seems that only 3 DOS files (approx 512 KB) were getting copied on the USB drive. The bootable image was not being copied at all – very surprising. I spend almost 4 hours trying to get it work but it did not.

Then Moblin released a 2nd version of the above image called as moblin-netbook-beta-refresh-20090607-001.img which worked just fine in the first time. I was able to boot into a GUI based system on a Intel Atom computer although some parts of the GUI system were not working properly because of obvious reasons – It is a ready made image and the support for my computer might not have been included in it so far. There is a tool available on moblin’s website which lets you build a similar image from scratch and you can customize it. May be someday when I get time, I will write a blog post about it.

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