Actually I was planning to write a more detailed post on this topic but for now I will keep it short. For folks who are in the embedded industry and want to run some kind of embedded Linux on their embedded boards/systems, there are many choices to select a embedded system from. Although Debian fans who do not wish to deviate from the Debian on their embedded systems, there is a good news. On Feb 14 2009, along with Debian Lenny release, EmDebian was also released.

Emdebian is basically a strip down version of Debian Linux with some necessary changes to make it work on Embedded systems. There are two versions of Emdebian:

  • Grip – For x86 based systems – a reduced size version of Debian Linux.

  • Crush – For ARM based systems which is much smaller in size that Grip.

You can check out the Emdebian page to get more information.

Soon, I will write a more detailed post about how to use Emdebian on your embedded systems.

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