Last week I got a chance to attend the three day Embedded Linux Conference (ELC) 2009 held in San Francisco. It was quite a unique experience for me at least since I had never attended any such conference before. I got to see founder of Debian Linux distribution, Ian Murdock.

Here is the best part of the conference. On one of those days as I was taking the elevator to go to the Lobby where the conference was held, I see Andrew Morton one of the core developer and maintainer of Linux kernel walking right into the elevator. There was nobody else. For a second I could not believe that I was with one of the greatest person in the Linux kernel community – Yes, he was “the” Andrew Morton. I was in such a shock that I could not even say anything other than replying to his question which was something like, “Do you know on which floor is the conference”?. I really had no idea that Andrew Morton was also going to be at the conference.

I am not a Linux kernel developer so for me it’s a big thing to see and talk few words with the legend itself.

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