Welcome to Part 1 of Linux Remote Desktop Series.

What we will learn: We will learn how to do Remote Desktop with “Desktop Sharing” method (Method 1). I highly recommend that you see the basic assumptions and background before you read this any further.

Purpose: Many of you might have used Remote Desktop in Windows XP to connect to another Windows machine. P (Remote Desktop) is a great software to connect remotely to another machine giving you full desktop access just like as if you were physically sitting on that machine. In today’s blog entry we will try to achieve with Linux i.e. we will remotely connect from a Windows XP or Linux machine to a remote Linux machine (say a Server running on your local network or even on Internet).

Step 1: Install VNC server on Machine 1

You need to have GNOME/GDM installed on Machine 1. You can do that by following commands:

# apt-get xserver-xorg xfonts-base gnome gdm

# apt-get install vino

Step 2: Configure VNC server

# vino-preferences

You will get a GUI screen which will ask you to configure various settings like password, which users are allowed to, etc.



You can also launch this window by “System->Preferences->Remote Desktop

Step 3: Install Software on Machine 2

If you are using Windows machine to connect from:

You also need to download free VNCviewer (the client software) on your Windows machine.

If you are using Linux machine to connect from:

# apt-get install gvncviewer

You can install any of your favorite VNC viewer available for Linux.

Step 4: Connect to Machine 1

Now we are ready to connect to Machine 1 from Machine 2. Note that you need to be logged into your Machine 1 physically before you can connect to it. If you try to login with GDM or KDE login screen on Machine 1, it won’t let you connect because the VNC server service only kicks in once you are logged in.

If you are using Windows then launch “VNC Viewer 4” and type in the IP address of Machine 1 in the input box:

Windows VNC

Windows VNC

Click “OK” and you should be seeing the desktop of Machine 1.

If you are using Linux then type in the following:

# gvncviewer

and you should be seeing the desktop of Machine 1.

That’s it. Happy Remote Desktoping!

Part 2: Connect to GDM or KDM login screen using VNC>

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