Many of you who may be using Linux for a while might have been in a situation where you need to connect to your Linux Machine remotely from either a Windows XP machine or another Linux machine. I am starting a series in which I will write about different methods to do Remote Desktop with Linux machines.

Background: There are many ways to do remote desktop:

a) One method is where the desktop is shared.

Windows Equivalent: Windows XP Remote Desktop

b) Method in which each user can connect remotely with it’s own login.

Windows Equivalent: Windows Terminal Server

Assumption: I am assuming the following for this entire series:

Machine 1 (server) – Remote Linux machine (Debian installed) to which you would like to connect to.

IP of Machine 1:

Machine 2 (client) – A Windows XP machine from which you would connect remotely to Machine 1.

IP of Machine 2:

Part 1: Connect remotely to GNOME session using VNC

Part 2: Connect to GDM or KDM login screen using VNC

Part 3: Connect to remote Linux server with XDMCP protocol

Part 4: Connect to remote Linux server with XDMCP protocol from another Linux machine

Part 5: Review and Conclusion

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