As you may (or may) not know, the Debian team finally released it’s latest stable version, 5.0 (codenamed “Lenny”) on 14th Feb. 2009, after nearly 22 months of development which involved hard work and some high quality technical and policy discussions. I will try to summarize the Lenny’s press release and also add some more useful links. Following are some features/highlights of this release:


A total of 12 architectures are supported in this release.

Installation/Upgrade Guide:

You can obtain the Installation source (ISO images) from here and here.

You can obtain the Installation manual from here.

You can obtain the Release notes from here.

Installation instructions are translated in 63 languages!

You can install from DVDs (including Blu-ray Discs), CDs, USBs sticks, Floppies and Network.

Finally you can also used/install directly from a Live CD.

Software packages:

Lenny was more than 25000+ software packages.

The above 25000+ packages are compiled from over 12000 source packages.

Explore all the packages that Lenny was to offer.

Desktop Environments:

Lenny includes following desktop environments

GNOME (default) -2.22.2
KDE – 3.5.10
Xfce – 4.4.2

Important Software packages:

Apache – 2.2.9
GCC –  4.3.2
GIMP – 2.4.7
Iceweasel – 3.0.6
Linux kernel version – 2.6.26
MySQL – 5.0.51a
OpenJDK – 6b11 – 2.4.1
Perl – 5.10.0
PHP – 5.2.6
PostgreSQL –  8.3.6
Python 2.5.2 and 2.4.6
Samba – 3.2.5
Xen Hypervisor – 3.2.1
XOrg – 7.3

Debian Embedded support:

Lenny also includes the Emdebian – Debian Embedded – by incorporating the build tools required to cross-compile and reduce package size  for ARM architectures. More on this in my upcoming posts…

Support for Netbooks:

Lenny supports the Netbooks specially Eee PC by Asus.

Next “stable” release and Lenny updates:

The next stable release of Debian will be called as “Squeeze”.

Also the version-ing scheme from Lenny onwards has been changed from 5.0 to 5.0.0. So the first point release (“stable” updates) will be called 5.0.1 which is scheduled to be out in next 2 months. You can track all the point release for Lenny here.

Update: Finally Lenny backports is available

Debian Lenny’s backports website is now available.

So what are you waiting for…Go and grab Lenny and take it for a spin…

See how-to upgrade to Debian Lenny.

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