Update: The series will be called “Installing Linux on USB“. Hello everybody! I am planning to write a series of articles related to Booting Linux on USB drives- Hard Drive and Flash/Jump drive (Yes, they are different and we will cover it). Just wanted to let you guys know about the upcoming series.

Also with this I would like to include my first ever poll on this blog. I request if you spare few seconds to vote regarding this topic. Depending on how much interest is generated I will write my posts accordingly. Also I do realize that right now I just have very few loyal subscribers/reader (23 as pointed out by feedburner.com) so there might not be enough people to carry out the vote responses but still I would like to do it to see what kind of enthusiasm and interest is generated. Your support will be highly appreciated!

Will you be interested to see some articles on Booting Linux on USB Drives?

  • Yes (96%, 49 Votes)
  • No (4%, 2 Votes)
  • Does not matter to me (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 51

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Here are the links to all the parts of the series. Enjoy!

Part 1: Difference between USB hard drive and USB Flash (or Jump or thumb) drive

Part 2: Install Debian Lenny on USB Hard Drive

Part 3: Which Linux filesystem for USB devices?

Part 4: noatime and relatime mount options

Part 5: Installing Debian Linux on USB flash memory drives

Part 6: Create a DOS and Linux bootable USB flash drive

Part 7: Install Debian Linux from USB drives

Part 8: Review – Installing Linux on USB

Part 9 – Coming soon…

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