Purpose: In this entry we will see how can we enable 3D acceleration for your graphics card/chipset in Debian Lenny (5.0). Sometime back I had written a similar post explaining how to enable 3D acceleration in Debian Etch (4.0).  In this one we will see how to do the same for Debian Lenny – the successor of Etch.

The good news is that the steps for doing this are almost the same as in my previous post.  Just keep following all the steps from the beginning until you come to Step 5.

Now instead of doing:

# apt-get install xlibmesa-dri

do this

# apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri

xlibmesa-dri is no longer available in Debian Lenny because it was a transitional package in Etch.  In short, the package xlibmesa-dri is now replaced by libgl1-mesa-dri. A transitional Debian package is mostly a dummy package which helps a user while upgrading to a newer release just like in this case.

Once you install the above package just continue following the rest of the article.

This was a very short post as we had already covered a lot of ground.

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