I guess most of us who have been an ardent user of Linux O.S. must have seen dreaded “Kernel Panic” error messages at some point of time and generally those are very difficult to solve and takes away lot of time researching on it.There are many reasons for Kernel Panic error messages and one of them is related to ACPI and APCI, which I am going to talk about in this post. ACPI has superseded the old APM.

Typically you will see error messages like this:

kernel panic – not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)


Try passing the following kernel parameters (all at once) in your GRUB (menu.lst) or LILO (lilo.conf) configuration file:

acpi=off pci=noacpi noapic nolapic

There are 90% chances that your problem will solve if it is related to ACPI and APIC. Once you can boot your system by giving above parameters, try eliminating each one of them, one by one, to find which parameter actually is required. However, there could be more than one parameter that you will end up using. For example, in my case I had to give:
acpi=off nolapic
to resolve my Kernel panic error.

If you are still getting Kernel panic even after giving the above four parameters, then try these additional parameters in permutation and combination with the above four to see if you resolve the issue:

pnpbios, pci=usepirqmask, pci=biosirq

If you are still not able to solve it, then I suspect that it might not be an APCI and ACPI related issue. However, I strongly encourage you to boot from a Knoppix live CD or Ubuntu live CD and look at the “Help” section before it starts booting. In the help section they suggest many kernel parameters that you may have to give because of broken firmware or buggy BIOS in order to boot your system.

In my next part of this post, I will explain and also give some useful pointers as to why we need to give those parameters to safely boot the Linux Kernel and how can we boot the kernel without giving those parameters because in some situation (when you are using a laptop) you simply cannot give up ACPI features.

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